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Kevan Koya


I'm a singer songwriter and for the past number of years I have been involved in recording my material in two studios based in the Brighton area.

I felt very honoured to be asked by Andy if I would like to be included in having a page on his AREmusic website.

I first met Andy during the summer of 05 when he was recording a song for one of his pupils Jenny Sessions. I was helping Jenny by putting music to melodies and lyrics she had written and playing keyboards.

I soon was to realise when Andy started playing his guitar that I was in the company of not only a very talented guitarist but also a more than qualified recording artist and gifted tutor.


I asked Andy if he could give me guitar lessons which he obliged but I also asked if he would record and play guitar on a few songs I had just recently written, which he did. These songs being 'I believe in you', 'Space girl' and to follow 'Invisible' and 'Down to earth'.

Album history

Taking you back in time and I promise I will try to keep my musical history brief! The very first album I wrote was when I was involved with a band in Hastings. Playing keyboards and doing backing vocals. This album was titled 'Decade of destruction' which featured a well known local singer songwriter and very talented guitarist by the name of Mick Mepham who played guitar on the title track and also a song called 'Suffering in my image'.

When I moved to Brighton I was very fortunate in meeting a songwriter called Jeff Danials who co-wrote the musical 'Time' with Dave Clark which stared Cliff Richard. He also co-wrote a song for Freddie Mercury called 'In my defence'.

He introduced me to Richard Thomas who owned a private recording studio which gave me the opportunity to experiment and build the craft of songwriting and singing.

I soon began work on recording my second album titled 'Hello America'. This was then followed by another album titled 'Bad boys'. Both of these albums were recorded by Richard Thomas also featuring an exceptionally talented guitarist called Doug Scarratt who now plays for the rock band 'Saxon'.

Taking some time out from recording and heading off into many different styles in my musical writing I eventually accumillated about 30 songs, some of these being classical pieces.

I felt it was now time to start work on recording another album titled 'Stranger in love', recorded and engineered by Pete Varkala at Grove Studio in Hove, with Doug Scarratt on guitars and Jim Bryant on bass guitar.

A few years later this was then followed by me starting work on my fifth recording project. This album was to be called 'The only living thing on Mars'. Recorded and produced by Pete Varkala with Jim Bryant playing bass guitar and co-producing. The guitarist I had featured on this album was Michael Casswel. Like Doug Scarratt, Michael is also an exceptionaly tallented guitarist with his own unique style of playing - a truely gifted musician who has played alongside Brian May and other well know and established artists. This album 'The only living thing on Mars' was to eventually become album of the week on Joanne Good's breakfast live in Brighton with Southern Counties radio.

Current projects

Kevan Koya
The latest album that I have written, but am still in the process of recording is called 'Heavenly mortals' and I very much hope this album will feature Doug Scarratt, Mike Caswell and Andy Ellis on guitar giving the album a very wide spectrum in guitar sound and style of playing.
Doug Scarratt
Michael Casswell
Andy Ellis
Doug Scarratt
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