I run a computer based home studio situated in Hastings, East Sussex which is available for small projects.


  • Apple based Garageband / Ableton Live 10 and Push / Logic X / Cubase - 4 ins, MIDI.
  • Keyboard, guitar amps and processors.
  • Export to CD audio, MP3, minidisc, cassette, site uploads.
  • Fast uploads to your sites - Soundcloud, Youtube etc.


  • Demos.
  • Backing tracks.
  • Hardware/Software tuition and repair.
  • Song writing / arrangement - get songwriting ideas down quickly with me at the controls. Try out new ideas and work on arrangements with the speed of a little cut and paste.
  • Audio transfer / conversion - Cassette, Minidisc, CD, MP3, hard disk.
  • Drum programming.
  • Collect together your recording ideas, band jams and scraps for archiving and review.
  • Notate your tracks and get printouts or MIDI files.
  • Podcasts.
  • Video capture, creation and conversion - Youtube etc.
  • Music production - writing, recording, mixing, mastering, promoting.
  • Music project and file sharing.
  • Online meetings, project shares, screen shares / control.


  • Basic rate £30 first hour, £10 per following hour, per session.
  • Weekdays / Weekends - volume restrictions may apply.
  • Option to meet up for a free chat / demonstation to see if I can help.

* I always aim to keep bookings flexible but it is very much appreciated if I am given at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation and that late cancellations are paid for in full.


For more information and to exchange telephone numbers just send me an email:

Andy Ellis


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Last updated 5/26/2024